Gothic Fashion

There are many misconceptions about people who choose to live the gothic lifestyle. They are often stereotyped as satanic, evil, and weird. However, the dark world of goths is very much diverse and healthy subculture. A goth is someone who sees the beauty in the things that are seen by many as dark and mysterious. They have a unique and visually striking sense of style that is most of the time considered as intriguing.

The modern goth culture started out in Europe during the 80’s and was treated as an offshoot of the post punk genre. It all started when some punk bands introduced darker lyrics into their songs.


The gothic fashion is a unique clothing style is marked by conspicuously mysterious, dark, homogenous and antiquated features. Gothic women often wear corsets, long shirts, ripped shirts and long dresses. Fishnet tights and dark colored boots are also considered fashionable. There are many available items in the market where promo codes are used to get discounts. Men items include combat boots, dark pants, studded belts and torn shirts. Many are also into the very elaborate vampire get-up. A leather jacket with spikes is so in. They accessorize by using lots of silver and leather. A goth wears spiky dog-collar choker or accentuate a dress by wearing crucifixes, spikes, safety pins or studs. Piercings are also common and a way of self expression.


A goth wears a raven black hair or any dark colored hair. Goth often paint their nails black. It creates a striking look both for men and women. It is very common for goths to have straight and pitch black hair. Looking goth involves a pale complexion. It is to create a ghoulish pallor of the undead. To create this look, mix a white foundation primer with a regular foundation  that matches the natural skin tone.  Goths also wear black eyeliner for a more dramatic look. Gothic makeup is having a pale base and dark lips and eyes.

Perfecting any look requires that you invest in that particular look. Not only do you have to master the clothing – you also need to check out the right makeup, the right accessories, as well as the right way to carry yourself, just to pull off the look properly. This is especially true for Gothic fashion. You can’t go around claiming to be goth if you don’t have the tools to pull it off correctly.

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The dark world of goths are a way of expressing oneself. Simply dressing up like a goth does not make you one. It is more about the attitude and lifestyle. Detaching oneself from the mainstream culture gives a goth a sense of independence where they can express their feelings and emotions and live a life in a way that is not often acceptable in society.

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  1. Lorelie says:

    Everything in here is quite cool and very informative.

  2. Billy says:

    Some say people who idolizes Goth and blacks are demonic, I don’t think that way.

  3. Hannah Smith says:

    I love the gothic fashion but I can’t say I am an atheist.

  4. Maryellen says:

    I was really confused, and this answered all my quseitons.

  5. Donald says:

    Gothic fashion is popular among younger generation. It resemble bold and aggressiveness.

  6. Helen says:

    I think what makes gothic popular among the younger generation is it’s simplicity. Black, just black. You don’t have to think about complimentary combinations because Black is neutral.

  7. Rick says:

    Awesome Site. Very much enjoyed reading. Cool gothic arts!

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    This makes better sense than the usual…

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