Goth And Death

A death of a person has been defined in so many ways. Death is the separation of the soul and the body. The cessation of the connection between our body and our mind is called death. In the medical field, death takes place when all the organs in the human body stop. To function especially when the heart stops beating. Biological activity and living activity of an individual stops including the mind and the senses. Death is the end of our existence as a person.

All of us will eventually die. Generally, we are uncertain and reluctant to think about death.

Nonexistence in a negative sense means death brings pain and suffering. The lack of life brings deprivation. Death brings sadness and trauma to a loved one.

Goths on the  other hand, accept the inevitability of existence. A goth understands the dark side of life and death and accept the balance of brightness and darkness, of life and death. The usually dwell with the realm of darkness. They usually glorify the vile and unholy. The Gothic culture is obsessed with death which are often expressed through their kind of music. Some glamorize killing and brutality. People in general have the tendency to become violent when provoked. And being violent has nothing to do with one’s music or fashion preference. The decision to become violent has nothing to do with being a goth.

Goth and Christianity

Goths believe in witches, vampires and the creatures of the dark. Some even practice witchcrafts. Some even identify themselves as vampires and even practice a different religion.

However, goth is not anti-christian. Many of the gothic songs are not satanic. Their music is mostly about spirituality and strong emotions. Many of the gothic kind of music are available at record stores around the world. One can even purchase cds using voucher codes online.Being gothic is is more about understanding and embracing what most people in the society consider as dark, mysterious, and emotionally abstract including death. One can be a goth and at the same time be a christian.

Goth is perceived by many people to be fixated to death. Goths only expresses their emotions and feelings about death a little exaggeration. They amplify the darker side of the human psyche.