Gothic relates to the Goths. A goth is a person who finds beauty in things that are considered dark and mysterious. Although many considered goth as evil and satanic, the truth says otherwise. Goths are not evil nor unkind. It is just that they have a different perspective to many. They are not sad, dark things make them happy. A gothic lifestyle is dark, beautiful, intricate and romantic.


The word Gothic is from Germanic Visigoth tribe that ruled over Europe over the middle ages. They invaded the Roman empire between the 3rd and 5th centuries. The Ostrogoths founded Italy and the Visigoths founded Spain. When the Goths overthrew the Roman empire, the concept of goth being barbaric and uncivilized arose. The goth’s roots also rose from victorian gothic novels found in the writings of Mary Shelley, Edgar Allan Poe, John Keats among others. They mourn on pain and lost love. The modern gothic movement connects itself to the punk scene in the 1970s. It expressed itself to chaotic music, body piercings dyed hair and anarchic politics.

Characteristics of a Goth

The modern goth have little in common with the early Goth tribe of the dark ages. They dwell on their own realm and most of the time wanted to be left alone. The love for dark clothing is one of their characteristics. Their clothes are either antique or on extremely dark color. They can make purchases online using coupon codes. Hair styles are often preferred to be straight and pitch black.

Women often wore dark makeup with their pale skin. The lifestyle, beliefs, values and attitude make them different from other people in the society. Gothic cultures is demonstrated through their architecture, arts, literature, appearance, dressing style and music. The colors that are associated with goths are black, purple, blue, blood red and dark green. They enjoy their sense of independence from others for their life is opposite and unacceptable by normal human beings. Gothic people are considered morbid because they constantly think of death and despair.  They embrace death and regards it as an extension of life.

Gothic Arts and Literature

Constantly thinking about death results to amazing works of art. In drawings, poetry and music reflects the turmoil of life. Gothic art evolved from Romanesque art in the 12th to 15th century which is characterized by pointed arch, ribbed vault, and flying buttress. It is well known because if the distinctive arched designs of churches the stained glass and illuminated manuscripts. In gothic literature novels, the plot usually involves characters who become become part of complex and evil schemes.

An example of a writing is The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe. Book written by him are sold in numerous bookstores and can be purchased using coupon codes. Modern critics refers gothic literature as story that uses supernatural forces against an innocent protagonist. Gothic music has been influenced by many ages. By hearing any of them, one can feel the sadness and revenge that is the opposite of any normal music. Gothic rock is formed in the 70s and is a music subgenre of post punk. It is a darker music but is accompanied by introspective and romantic lyrics. An example of a band that plays gothic music is famous English band, The Cure formed in 1976 and sold over 27 million records worldwide.

Goth People

They are mysterious and have the love for mythology, the supernatural, romanticism, and hold on to things that they feel are important and are dying out. Pre- Medieval and Edwardian eras are their top influencers. These people are intellectual beings and highly creative to the point of being geeky.

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